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IT Staffing

We providing our clients with high-quality IT staffing at the lowest rate the market will bear. We serve over 100 companies worldwide, including more than 20 Fortune 1000 clientele. Your IT staffing needs are quickly satisfied with consultants who keep pace with emerging technologies, delivering expertise in technology platforms, software development, QA, databases, and networking.

Training and Placement

We have been playing the role of a trusted IT partner to our clients since 2006. Welcoming H1B /GC/Citizens/ OPT / CPT (Fresher's and experienced) professionals for our consulting needs. Training and Placement with accommodation for OPT students. H1B Sponsorship / Transfers and Green Card for qualified employees.

We are an E-Verify company and are currently looking to recruit fresh MS/BS graduates, CPTs/OPTs/H1Bs/GCs/Citizens with training and placements and has 100% success rate in the filing of H1 B Visas.

Hiring MS Graduates across the country with valid CPT / OPT for its TRAINING & PLACEMENT program. During the training period accommodation and living expenses are provided. We have very experienced marketing staff with lot of exclusive experience in placing OPT and CPT Students. After completing the training we place with Direct Clients and Top tier-1 vendors. Bill rates are transparent to the candidates.

Fusion Soft offers exceptional career opportunities for high achievers in a variety of areas. If you're looking for the right place to grow your career, look at Fusion Soft Group. You may be surprised how well-positioned you are for success.

IT Recruiting

If you are spending a lot of time with interviews and recruitment efforts but finding it difficult to recruit the right technical professionals for your business, don't get disappointed! Fusion Soft iis here to help you recruit the best pool of professionals who match your IT requirements.

Fusion Soft is dedicated to helping companies identify, evaluate, and recruit employees in the Information Technology industry. We focus on locating candidates who have the experience, skill set, and the willingness to contribute to the long-term success of your organization.

Our success is based on professionalism, integrity, and our outstanding personnel. We invest our time and resources to fully understand an opportunity within your company. In this way we are able to market the position to potential candidates as a representative of your company, not an uniformed outsider.

We approach towards recruiting is designed to save you time and money. With us, you can be sure of having only the most qualified candidates at your desk. Through our screening process, we ensure that you won't waste your time interviewing poor candidates. Finally, when we employ a candidate at your place, you have the ultimate assurance of an excellent fit.